The Rise of the Samurai VI

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The samurai were the result of centuries of corruption from the oldest clan in Japan, the Fujiwara. The Fujiwara held complete control of the government of ancient Japan, even at one-point controlling the emperor. Through this power abuse rose the Taira and Minamoto who eventually took over and then fought a civil war between themselves with the Minamoto coming out on top.
A Daimyo could not become Shogun unless he had lineage dating back to the Minamoto clan, The Oda did not have this. One such clan that did have this lineage was the Mori clan of Western Japan. The Mori were famed seamen and through the leadership of their great lord Mori Motonari, they became the most powerful clan of Western Japan.

Topics Covered
Ancient Japan
The Fujiwara Clan
The Rise of the Taira and Minamoto
The Genpei War
The Kamakura Shogunate
Part II
Oda Nobunaga Destroys the Ashikaga Shogunate
The History of the Mori Clan
Mori Motonari
The Battle of Miyajima
The Mori Declare War On the Oda

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