Novo Albion and Drake’s Legacy

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In this episode we look at the tangled debate over the location of Drake's "fair and good bay." Was it in California? Or do we only believe that because of unbelievably unscrupulous behavior by famous California academics? We recount the story of Drake's "plate of brass," and discuss the connection between that fraud and the "Dare stone." Along the way we take a close look at academic conspiracy, California's "national myth," and the brilliant woman who revolutionized the history of Drake's circumnavigation only to be denounced by some of the leading lights in the profession of history. Finally, we consider the legacy of Sir Francis Drake, and the matter of changing the names of high schools. Oh, and the recording sounds a bit weird in places -- I recorded it in a hotel room in Boston, and had to edit out a rather noisy air handler in the background. There is nothing we won't do to bring you the podcast! Selected references for this episode Melissa Darby, Thunder Go North: The Hunt for Sir Francis Drake's Fair & Good Bay Samuel Bawlf, The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake: 1577-1580 Miranda Kaufmann, Black Tudors: The Untold Story Drake's Plate of Brass (Wikipedia) Dare Stones (Wikipedia)

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