54- The Great Seattle Fire Revisited Part I

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This episode marks the final of two episodes looking back at the subject of The Washington Fire Storm of 1889, the first episode of the show, released way back in December of 2020.
Part II will be released in two weeks.
The Great Seattle Fire began on June 6th, 1889, about 2:45 p.m., when a pot of glue in a tiny cabinet store on Front Street (today's 1st Avenue) erupted into flames. The fire spread fast in all directions, snaking under basements and under planked streets and sidewalks before breaking out into the open. Much of Seattle's business heart and shoreline were devastated in a matter of hours, from University Street to Dearborn Street, and from Elliott Bay to today's 4th Avenue S. Few successes were won by volunteer firemen and hundreds of residents who fought the flames for hours.
Wooden structures, some dating back to the days of the pioneers, erupted like torches, and the tremendous heat rendered modern brick and stone structures roofless, gutted, or collapsed. However, no lives were lost, and the blaze turned out to be a blessing, even if it was first well-masked. The flames completely destroyed the city's mostly wooden downtown, a relic of the city's hardscrabble past. When the debris was cleared, Seattle had a blank canvas on which to rebuild quickly and stylishly, cementing its position as the Evergreen State's leading metropolis.
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