56- The Great Seattle Fire Revisited Part II

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This final revisit of episode 1 concludes what started with the release of episode 50. If you've enjoyed this summer series, reach out and let the show know if there are any other early episodes of the show you would like to see revisited.
The sun dawned over a horrified and devastated Seattle on June 7th, 1889. A major fire had devastated the city's business center and waterfront the day before. Seattle had been thriving for a few years, and its downtown had been blessed with a handful of exquisite new masonry buildings. However, the majority of the city's commercial establishments, large and small, were made of wood, some of which dated back to the days of the pioneers. The Great Seattle Fire broke out around 2:45 p.m. on June 6, destroying both wood and brick structures. Hundreds of businesses of all kinds were devastated within hours, including banks, stores, hotels, physicians' and lawyers' offices, docks, piers, mills, and warehouses.
Financial records, medical records, legal records, and entire law libraries were destroyed in the fire; fortunes in assets were destroyed or irreparably damaged. Surprisingly, no lives were lost, and Seattle's municipal leaders and major businesses committed to rebuild their city in a manner and style befitting its developing prominence as the Pacific Northwest's leading metropolis one day later in an unusual public meeting. It was a promise kept, and the city was soon resurrected.
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