A Good Time to Think Big

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Claudia Aiken and Vincent Reina, researchers with the University of Pennsylvania’s Housing Initiative at Penn, help local governments develop and operationalize affordable housing programs. This year, that has meant a focus on rent relief programs funded by the CARES Act. Claudia and Vincent tell us what has worked to build and communicate programs for hard-to-reach populations, how “home” means much more than physical infrastructure, and why now is a great time to bring an innovative mindset to the work of housing. Plus, Claudia has fond memories of (overly) civically-engaged bike riders in her hometown, Sarah decides to dress her dog as a ghost, and we ask, would you rather live 500 years in the future, or the past? You can find Claudia and Vincent at @ClaudiaAiken7 and @VrainBK and follow UPenn’s @WeitzmanSchool and @PennPraxis. Follow the show on Twitter at @HousingPodcast. Subscribe to the show and please give us a five-star rating!

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