Housing Is Everything

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The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is a network of providers helping survivors heal from domestic violence (DV). In this episode, we speak with Debbie Fox, NNEDV’s Senior Housing Policy & Practice Specialist, about how different forms of housing, like shelters, safe homes, and transitional housing, are critical for DV survivors. Hear about Debbie’s early and formative experience as a care coordinator in a DV shelter, and her belief in the important work of unlearning violence as an answer to conflict. Plus, we learn about Debbie’s many musical talents and ask, what’s up with the fox stealing newspapers in Laura’s neighborhood? And are “trash bagels” the term Sarah uses for sub-par bagels, or the name of DC’s newest punk band? You can follow Debbie and the NNEDV at @theDebbieFox and @NNEDV. Follow the Holistic Housing Show on Twitter at @HousingPodcast and NACCED at @NACCEDNews. Subscribe to the show, give us a five-star rating, and send us a note to podcast@nacced.org. Thanks for listening!

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