Ryan O'Neil - Founder of Curate

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Ryan O’Neil, a thought leader in the floral industry and who from his experiences created Curate, an event software platform that helps manage all the moving pieces. He has personally spoken with thousands of florists since starting Curate and is the lead contributor to The Business Of Events blog that shares all the details of how he and his wife started a floral shop and grew it into a lifestyle business.

1:10 The history of what inspired Curate was started 4:30 How does a Florist price for profit8:40 How important is efficient ordering 13:13 Where the floral industry is heading 17:00 How going in-house saved $$$ 19:00 How has 2020 changed the way Curate does business 22:00 New & exciting projects for Curate27:00Where you can find Curatehttps://www.curate.co/hotelflorist/ @curate

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