What is the Fantasy Football Industry Getting Wrong About Value? [Ep. 2] - The Big Game Theory Podcast

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On episode 2 of The Big Game Theory Podcast, Evan explains what value means and why it's unwise to view fantasy football assets through that lens. Next, Evan introduces "Range of Outcomes" as the solution that fantasy managers really should be utilizing. Finally, he provides an example of how someone might use ROO in their fantasy league!

The Big Game Theory Podcast with Evan Ronda is a show dedicated to breaking down the game of fantasy football at a fundamental level. Game Theory is the logical system of strategic decisions we make every time we do anything in fantasy football, and each decision we make has a chance to give us an edge over our league mates. The BGT Podcast aims to help listeners understand what those decisions are and how they can use them in their leagues.

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(Episode originally aired 7/31/21)

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