How to engage a Millennial audience ahead of the biggest wealth transfer in history

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On a new episode of the ifa Show, host Maja Garaca Djurdjevic is joined by Adele Martin, multi-award-winning certified financial planner and the founder of the Savings Squad Podcast and My Money Buddy.

Adele joined the podcast to talk about the largest handover of wealth in history and what advisers must do to engage this new, hip and technologically savvy audience of Millennials.

Adele talks about the time-poor, sandwich generation that is challenging advisers and their existing practices.

She chats about the challenges and the opportunities created by the $3.5 trillion wealth transfer, providing some practical solutions for advisers to adopt today.

“One of the big things is the online calendar. With your retirees, you might have rung them to book an appointment, but millennials will screen your calls… So online calendar bookings are a must,” Adele said.

“The other thing I would say is talk to them how they want to be spoken to. They don’t want to necessarily be on the phone to you, so can we make it text communication?”

To find out more, tune in below. The ifa Show is brought to you by Sharesight

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