Incoming regulations to cause ‘explosion’ in advice industry

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The ifa Show podcast is joined by 2021 ifa Excellence Awards finalist and CEO of Lifespan Financial Planning, Eugene Ardino

Eugene discusses the incredible feat with host Neil Griffiths as well as an overcompliance in the advice industry just days out from more regulation coming in relation to breach reporting, hawking and information sharing which he said will cause an “explosion” in the sector.

“I think four of them directly impact financial advisers, which is something that I don’t know that we’ve seen too many times in the past,” he said.

“Plus, there’s been other new legislations or drastic changes to legislations that have happened this year. So, this is all flying through into the back-office cost of advisers, which then gets passed onto consumers.”

As well as going for his third straight Dealer Group Executive of the Year win this year, Eugene is also up for Industry Thought Leader of the Year.

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