Measuring value in an above-the-line proposition

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Most advisers would not dispute that the industry is moving towards a service-based value proposition that is more about soft skills and client relationships than products and returns. But how do you measure client progress over time when it’s not just about numbers on a page?

In this episode of the ifa Show, host Sarah Kendell is joined by HPH Solutions managing director Rob Pyne, whose practice took home the FPA Professional Practice of the Year Award in 2020. Rob discusses how his business is turning the intangible into tangible with unique reporting that measures the progress in clients’ mental health and attitudes towards money over time, demonstrating how the adviser relationship is contributing towards their overall wellbeing.

Rob also touches on how his practice is facing into regulatory disruption in the sector and gives his predictions as to what the industry could look like in five years’ time as the transition to professionalism evolves.

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