The defining year for advisers and technology

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In a new episode of the ifa Show, host Neil Griffiths is joined by joint managing director of Netwealth, Matt Heine.

Matt goes through the tech company’s fifth annual AdviceTech report which proved to be a defining one for the advice industry.

“Not surprisingly this year, there’s been a real focus on the outcomes of COVID. And I think in many ways, despite the fact that we’ve been doing it for five years, over the last four years, we haven’t actually seen a lot of change in the technology adoption of advisers,” he said.

“Since COVID’s occurred, obviously, our whole lives have moved online. Everyone’s had to reinvent the way that they do business, the way that they engage with new clients, the way that they service their existing clients.

“And as a result of that, we’ve seen very meaningful changes in not only the scores, but also the intentions of the industry and from us as a tech provider.”

Matt shares his biggest takeaways from the report, what the technological adoption by advisers will mean for the future and predictions for 2022.

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