Why ESG is essential for risk management

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On a new episode of the ifa Show, host Neil Griffiths is joined by Altius Asset Management CIO Bill Bovingdon. Bill joined the podcast to discuss why ESG is essential for risk management and how bonds are advantageous for responsible investors. As well as discussing Altius’ Green Bond Fund, Bill explained why demand and interest are rapidly growing in the sustainable investing space and that in the next decade, it would be “impossible” for Australian investors to not be engaged. “It’s going to be a prerequisite basically. It would be like a borrower trying to come to market without audited accounts if they didn’t have a sustainability plan,” he said. “We’ve already seen that playing out politically, locally, where one of the big motivations for net zero by 2050 was a recognition that international investors and providers of capital were going to make us pay for not having good sustainability policies. “I think now that’s going to happen at every level, government, corporate, and so on.”

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