How to Develop Stronger Social Justice Sensitivity With Kim Scott

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Most of us aspire to behave in a manner that is ethical, fair, and just, but our efforts are often undermined by unconscious biases, and without outside interventions, we may never take the necessary steps to change these unintended habits. In today’s episode we sit down with Kim Scott to talk about her new book Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair. Some listeners may recognize her as the New York Times bestselling author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. Kim has spent many years working as a high-profile CEO coach, doing in-depth work at Dropbox, Qualtrics, and Twitter to name a few. She was also involved with AdSense at Google, is a member of the faculty at Apple University, and has worked directly for Sheryl Sandberg. In our conversation with Kim, we talk about what she learned from writing Radical Candor and how she applied those lessons to her latest book Just Work. Kim breaks down the three revelations she experienced after getting feedback from a colleague, the most striking of which was that Radical Candor did not address how much more difficult it is to apply its lessons if you are a woman and especially if you are a woman of color. She explains why she felt it urgent and necessary to delineate the distinctions between bias, prejudice, and bullying in Just Work, and how she recommends using ‘bias interrupters’ to facilitate a more just and equitable workplace. Later we discuss how influencers can become more aware of their biases when using social media and how to respond reasonably to criticism and feedback by taking the time to step away and calm down when our fight or flight response gets triggered. We had a fascinating conversation with Kim and we’re sure that you will find it every bit as informative and stimulating as we did! Tune in today for all this and more!

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