Todd Henry: Highlights from the Interview

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We had such an amazing conversation with Todd Henry in our last episode, and today we will be looking at the biggest takeaways from it! Todd's work is all about accessing creativity and using our energy and strengths to make an impact. Todd talked about how creativity is more about problem-solving than anything else, and this can be applied to so many different areas of our lives. Wherever you look, in your personal, professional, and family life, there are problems to solve, and creativity can be applied to these situations! The next big takeaway from Todd was how he defines art: for Todd, art's central component is its expression of value. This means that no matter what you are creating if you are expressing your values through it, you can consider it your art! We believe that starting a business or brand is nothing other than an expression of values and the realization of your internal value system into the external world. Todd's point on where to start with building a personal brand and service is such a great piece of advice; he believes that our greatest strengths are most often the things that seem most obvious and negligible to us. So think about what seems almost too simple and straightforward to you and consider how it might just be your gift to the world! The last takeaway we wanted to underline was Todd's beautiful point about pursuing mastery of a craft instead of chasing stardom. This is a message we wholeheartedly believe in and can be the key to success, longevity, and lasting impact!

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