5 Common Misconceptions About Authenticity

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I’m ALL about being authentic to who we are, in our relationships, in our work, in our family, with ourselves… Anywhere, anytime… Why? Because honestly, I think it’s the easiest way to stay consistent in everything we do. And I’ve received a lot of questions about this… Questions like… 🤔
How to be authentic? How do you know you’re being authentic?
Does it mean we have to look floppy?
Does being polished look inauthentic?
Does it mean you have to share all the private things?
And so on…

In this episode, I share with you 5 common misconceptions about authenticity, and what I think about each one of them. How I see it, and how I don’t see it.
Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not… And it’s ALL Ok. 😃

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