How to stop feeling behind (Mindset shift)

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As we ALL know, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. At the time we’re here, No ONE can say they were not affected by this pandemic. No matter what it was, everybody had such a challenging year, and it’s not done yet. Right? I remember by the end of 2020, we were all waiting for 2021 with our list full of delayed projects to accomplish. So, we've all started 2021 full of hopes. Isn't it?

I personally made the decision to get one thing accomplished for each month so that I would have at least 12 things to celebrate by the end of this year. What happened was in April, an unexpected situation happened, and my family and I had to manage it all in a hurry with a move the following month. There was a lot of anxiety involved with everything that was to be done, thought about, planned, etc. And this delayed everything a little bit more. I’m sure you faced this kind of situation.

But here’s the thing, it was an unexpected situation that can happen anytime to anyone, and this is also part of life, so when those events happen, we need to let them be... And allow ourselves to release some pressure on some other aspects of our lives to absorb the new pressure we didn’t expect.

Again, it’s all about balance. Life is like a party, and we’re all DiskJockeys. It’s all about adjusting the frequency of our playlist. Some songs might get louder at some points. Instead of keeping all songs loud at the same time, we might need to slow down the old song to bring in the new one. And that’s what it is about… An unexpected situation happening in your world is like a new song added to your playlist. When you can’t lower that song, all you have to do is lower the old song so that you don’t create a cacophony.

Time is only really defined by our actions. As long as we stay active, we can't be behind.

So, NO… You’re Not behind
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