#114 - Early Menopause to 68+ Marathons! Kelly McLay - Marathoner, Author and Keynote Speaker

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Kelly McLay tries to live life to its fullest everyday. Mom, wife, marathoner, author, keynote speaker, and traveler, she values living by the mantra, "happy days."

A two-time seven continent marathon finisher with 68+ total 42K courses under her belt, Kelly is passionate and respectful of the marathon distance. With over 20 years experience in guiding and developing travel to all seven continents specializing in sports packages, Kelly is your expert when it comes to seeing the world.

In 2018, Kelly earned her World Marathon Majors’ 6th star as well as the World Marathon Challenge finish, 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. She is one of 49 women globally who have completed the challenge and the first woman to finish both the World Marathon Challenge and the World Marathon Majors. Kelly is a level one RRCA certified coach, a passionate Balega ambassador, and always like to take on a challenge (her next goal: IronMan).

Kelly resides just north of Boston with her husband John, daughter Scarlett and baby Bo. Outside of her family, there is nothing she takes more pride in than designing destination travel around the world, especially to marathons.

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