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In The Inspired Adventurepreneur Podcast, Anastasia Allison, the nationally acclaimed violinist for The Musical Mountaineers (a duo that climbs mountains carrying a violin and, yes, a piano), brings you mountain-infused inspiration to help you go from stuck to summit in every area of your life. Anastasia is a former park ranger and police officer who decided to pursue her adventure-inspired life after nearly dying in a car accident. After being, "stuck" for nearly 20 years of her life, she immersed herself in the process of figuring out how to unshackle herself from the beliefs that were paralyzing her with fear. Each week, sometimes accompanied by the melodic tunes of her music, she helps you uncover the beliefs that are holding YOU back from designing the adventure-inspired life that you want and deserve. You will learn the exact tips, tricks and tools - plus get a healthy dose of inspiration - so that you can blaze your own path and find the fulfillment that you deserve, on and off the trail..

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