Book Review: MAOISM -- A Global History by Julia Lovell

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About the book review: In certain ways China has moved off its Maoist model. But Maoism has had strong and unexpected roles in the violent underground in many places outside China. The best known cases may be the revolutionary wars of the latter 20th c. in Malaya, Vietnam, and Cambodia. But other contests by ideological Maoists opened up in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and even the western hemisphere's Peru. What is Maoism's appeal to foreigners? To what degree has it been exportable? In this new podcast, Professor Christopher C. Harmon will offer his insights into "Maoism Overseas" and discuss the admirable new book on the topic by Julia Lovell. About the Speaker: Dr. Harmon holds the Bren Chair of Great Power Competition at Marine Corps University and is also a professor at IWP, where he teaches courses on Military Strategy and Terrorist Advocacy and Propaganda.

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