Children of the Borderlands by Doctor Lucyna Kulinska

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This event is part of the Intermarium Lecture Series sponsored by The Institute of World Politics. About the lecture: The book Children of the Borderlands, by Lucyna Kulinska Ph.D., is not just a collection of eyewitness accounts of people who survived the savage genocide of the Polish population committed by Ukrainians, but is also a case study relevant to the multi-ethnic United States that faces numerous ethnic tensions, pressures, and challenges. It illustrates the involvement of numerous intelligence services in this genocide and the creation of the present Ukrainian state and its identity. About the speaker: Paul Szymanski is a naturalized citizen of the United States. He was born in Gdansk and immigrated from Poland in 1989. He graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago in 1995 and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration. He works as a Cybersecurity Engineer and is certified as a Project Management Professional. Mr. Szymanski translated short stories by renowned American climber, John Long, into Polish and published them in the book titled Opowiesci z Krainy Largo (The stories from Laro’s world). This translation was a part of a project to obtain a new helicopter for the Tarta’s Mountain Rescue Squad. (The previous helicopter crashed during a rescue of high school students who unfortunately perished in an avalanche.) The book Children of the Borderlands was his first translation from Polish to English. He translated it with Jakub Zarazka and the poems were translated by Sister Jadwiga Szczechowicz from the Albertine Sisters convent. Sister Jadwiga is a former sergeant of the US Marine Corps. Mr. Szymanski enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, scuba diving, and has completed four half-ironman triathlons.

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