“Learn from everything and everyone” with Emma Woolley, CEO, Lancashire Syndicates Limited

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Walking by the Lloyd’s Building one day, Emma said to herself, “I like the look of that.”

Chomping at the bit to work in the City as an 18 year old, Emma took a non-traditional route in to the Insurance world. Following stints with BMS, Swiss Re and Canopius Group, Emma has risen to take the helm of Lancashire Syndicates and sits on the Executive Management Team of Lancashire Insurance Group.

In her conversation with Nick Hoadley, she discusses her love of compliance, being a working mother of 2 children and maintaining perspective through adversity.

“We’re capable of more than we think we’re capable of, the market’s at an exciting point”, says Emma as she reflects on the impact of Covid and coming out of lockdown.

Emma shares her thoughts on mentoring, the future of the industry, fear and her mantra of ‘never, never, never give in.’

Listeners can reach out to Emma via her LinkedIn profile

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