How Serving Your Community Feeds Happiness into your Relationship #S2E13

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After our anniversary weekend I ended up in a funk. Drinking has that depressing effect on me sometimes. I tried all I could to get rid of the grumpiness: yoga, reading, Netflix, long showers... Nothing worked. Not even talking to my partner, Matthew.
Fortunately, he did not take it personal (and wondered how I could mark our anniversary with sorrows and questioning the choices I've made in my life) nor did he take it upon himself to 'fix' me.
It wasn't until we had our regular TikTok live and interacted with our online community there that my mood looked up. I did not do much apart from listening and sharing my experience with relationships. Yet by helping someone else make sense of their own blues, mine went away too.
How do you handle those moments of unexplainable sadness? How about your partner's unhappiness?

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