The Final Jampack Report - A New Podcast, New Content, and New Ideas Ahead

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Okay, so this isn't even an episode of The Jampack Report, but I wanted to let the audio listeners know about the changes coming to the content that I create - including to the podcast. As an independent content creator, it's time to break out of the template that I've created for myself and focus on experimenting more and pushing myself to create something new and diverse. As I mention here, I'm launching Xhibition: An Xbox Podcast to keep my podcasting drive going, along with implementing some other changes that free up my schedule to focus on creating more organic content. I appreciate all of the love and support that The Jampack Report and my other content has received over the years and look forward to continuing to create even more expansive and engaging shows in the months and years ahead.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Seneca (also from Oasis' "Closing Time")

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