014: Changing Jobs the SMART Way

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Today’s episode, is about Changing Careers the SMART Way. We are talking with someone who did just that. Holding nothing back, our guest shares his struggles, successes and techniques. If you are in the middle of a career change or even thinking about one, you will want to take notes for sure.

Highlights From the Previous Episode

But before we do, in our last show, episode 013, we talked about how your appearance can make or break you in an interview. Cheryl Dougan is an Independent Senior Sales Director for one of the largest image consulting companies in the country. She shared her insights into making a great first impression. If you missed it, you can listen by going to JobSearchThatWorks.com/013.

On This Episode

We are speaking with Robert Reedy, a Certified Epic Ambulatory Systems Analyst and Instructional Designer. It sounds like something he could have been doing for years. But Robert went through several downsizings in his previous career and shares how he reinvented himself. By not using today’s conventional methods of job hunting, he discovered effective methods that have helped him strategically move into a new career and systematically progress to positions of greater responsibility and reward in his new career. Let’s listen in on the conversation.

(For your convenience, I have included the time stamps for the major topics in the interview.)

11:00 – SMART Goals are those which are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely

12:05- Soft Skills deal more with sensitivity to what others are dealing with, their cultural differences and contextual norms. These are in contrast to the technical knowledge and skill sets.

14:57 – Research the company you are interested in. Make certain they are a good fit for you and you for them.

16:00 – The time to begin your next job search is the first day on your new job. Whether that job is within your new organization or with a new company. Start you looking!!!

17:57 – Gap Analysis

18:25 – Commute and Relocation

28:15 – Articulating Transferrable Skills on your resume.

30:15 – Connections on LinkedIn helped with the transition.

31:57 – Establishing relationships on LinkedIn

33:35 – Selecting and working with Recruiters on LinkedIn

38:16 – Overcoming fear in contemplating a career change

40:30 – Job Boards vs. Networking

45:00 – Most of positions are filled through word of mouth. In fact 80% of all positions filled are never advertised.


Robert shared his secret sauce for making a career change. He understood that 80% of all positions are filled without ever being advertised or posted on job boards. Robert is progressing in an amazing career that he loves and every one of his positions have come as a result of SMART networking for changing jobs.

Something to Ponder

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” – Keith Ferrazzi Thank you for spending time with me today. I truly appreciate it. You can find the show notes including any links and references mentioned today at www.JobSearchThatWorks.com/014.

What are your thoughts?

What would you like to know about networking? Share your thoughts in the comment section of the show notes.

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