Episode 426 | "Internet Executives"

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On this episode: Joe discusses the internet backlash the pod has received (10:58), what he has tried to respect (12:52), how he talks to people (43:15), and not knowing how to let go (57:02). The guys review new music releases (1:08:10) including Rod Wave, Vic Mensa, Gallant (1:14:15), and Elhae feat. Masego (1:23:55) and ask if hip hop is unconventional (1:29:32). They recap Cassidy vs. Hitman Holla’s intense battle rap face off (1:40:05), Issa Rae’s new five-year, eight-figure deal with WarnerMedia (1:40:05), and Snowfall **SPOILER ALERT** (2:02:27). DaniLeigh’s mental health updates (2:06:43), women empowerment (2:09:03), Derrick Jaxn (2:12:22), and MORE!

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