Episode 434 | "Tycoon"

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On Episode 434: Joe and the guys honor Shock G and pay their respects to his legacy and loved ones (24:00). They recap the Method Man/Redman Verzuz battle (27:00) and discuss Moneybagg Yo’s new album ‘A Gangsta’s Pain’ (54:15). Meg thee Stallion announces that she’s taking a break (1:00:00), Saweetie gets a new Hellcat car (1:02:00), Cordae releases his EP ‘Just Until...’ (1:05:00), Young Thug faces issues with his deluxe album (1:09:05), and Joe has a critique on H.E.R.’s new song ‘Come Through’ featuring Chris Brown (1:13:00). Fabio shares a story (1:21:25), the end of prostitution prosecution in Manhattan (1:36:50), Baby Blue is recovering after an attempted robbery (1:44:15), RIP Terrence Clarke (1:55:40), Snowfall **SPOILER ALERT** (2:02:00), and more.

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Digital Underground - “Doowutchyalike”

Parks | Digital Underground - “Same Song” (Ft. 2Pac)

Ice | Morray - “Trenches”

Ish | Naughty By Nature - “Rock and Roll” (Ft. Method Man & Redman)

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