Episode 435 | "Shaking the Tree"

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On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal, and Parks discuss new camera angles (7:20), transparency (11:20), and respect between friends (19:00). Mal shares his thoughts on having other people on the show and what he would have done differently (22:05), Joe believes Rory & Mal didn’t behave as friends (27:35), and the guys voice whether or not they feel respected (32:05). The JBP addresses caring about money (34:00), hypotheticals on the podcast ending (35:00), and Parks & Joe give their own takes on how the situation played out (38:50). Joe speaks to entitlement (45:20), how he felt towards Mal for riding with Rory (57:30), and Mal unfollowing him on social media (1:14:30). The guys share how they feel about podcasting (1:22:30), abandonment (1:26:00), and the JBP fanbase (1:41:00). Julius Randle (1:43:00), feelings towards Ice and Ish (1:43:50), DMX’s memorial service (1:55:05), Justin Bieber’s dreads (2:10:55), Snowfall vs. The Wire (2:17:50), Re-recording songs (2:29:25), and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks:

Joe | NBDY - “F.O.E”

Rory | Chiiild - “Gone”

Mal | Belly - “IYKYK”

Parks | Khrysis - “Why” (Ft. Problem)

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