Episode 436 | "The Floor Is Yours"

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On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks discuss DJ Khaled’s new album (9:05), Jay-Z & Nas having a record together (16:15), Cardi B on ‘Big Paper’ (24:55), and Mal wanting an album from Nicki Minaj (26:40). Jay-Z dedicates an exclusive TIDAL playlist to Nas ‘Curated By The God Hov’ (28:30), two fake Wu Tang Clan members have been charged and sentenced for scamming hotels & recording studios while hiring homeless people to act as bodyguards (45:35), and Rory is asked why he is always around Drake (57:25). DJ Quik lit his Death Row Records royalty check on fire for Instagram Live, demanding credit for his work on major records (1:10:00), a Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight has officially been announced (1:14:20), and the guys recap the Hitman vs. Cassidy rap battle (1:27:35). The NFL Draft (1:33:50), NYC reopens July 1st (1:48:35), vacation stories (2:16:10), and MORE!

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