Episode 440 | "The Eagles"

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On this episode: Joe speaks to Remy as his life coach (10:50), Ice’s new found fame on the JBP (10:50), and his new lifestyle (16:55). The guys pay their respects to Paul Mooney (21:50) and define clear roles for Ice & Ish (25:20). They discuss new music (31:20), past relationships (53:22), and free will (1:03:00). Lil Uzi inspires multiple renowned artists we wouldn’t believe (1:07:50), Fat Joe compares DJ Khaled to Quincy Jones (1:14:40), and the guys discuss knowing when you don’t want her & getting back with an ex (1:34:34). Nick Cannon is expecting his 4th child (1:36:35), Kwame Brown addresses people who speak on his name (1:45:30), and Chris Rock comments on cancel culture (1:54:35). Putting the phone down (2:02:30), generalizing people today (2:13:15), the NBA Playoffs (2:15:10), Lebron’s great acting skills (2:22:50), and MORE! For more exclusive content: become a Patron of the The Joe Budden Podcast at www.patreon.com/JoeBudden.

Sleeper Picks

Joe | Sinead Harnett - “Hard 4 Me 2 Love You”

Parks | Ransom - “Gluttony” (Ft. Lloyd Banks)

Ice | Arsonal Da Rebel - “Wrong Nigga” (Ft. NLE Choppa)

Ish | Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - “Ill Street Blues”

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