Episode 460 | "P.T.S.D. (Podcasters That Seem Depressed)"

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Although this episode was recorded prior to the Verzuz battle between Dipset and The LOX Joe and the guys give their predictions (19:30) and kick things off with learning hard lessons due to venturing into new neighborhoods (21:50). Joe then explains why he may stop frequenting his favorite strip club (33:20) and the guys discuss DaBaby being removed from at least 6 festival performances over the weekend (37:15). Joe then gives his flowers to N.O.R.E. for his interview with Beanie Sigel and Bean's commitment to understanding Jay-Z's decision making in hindsight (54:00). Also, Jemele Hill presents the question of if it's time to discuss Biggie and Tupac being removed from people's top 5 lists? (1:05:15) Joe highlights Cardi B's career path (1:26:50), and a recap of NBA free agency (2:03:25) and MORE.

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Joe | IV JAY - “Vibrate” (Ft. Pink Sweat$)

Ice | Dibiasi - “Hello It’s Me”

Parks | Aventura & Bad Bunny - “Volví”

Ish | Fat Boy Lucchi - “Opps In The DM”

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