Episode 481 | "The Guy Stuck In A Cave"

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Unlike previous Verzuz recaps, Joe shared his desire to not criticize but appreciate two of Hip Hop's greatest legends (Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One) as they performed their timeless catalogue of hits (23:10). Joe explained the nostalgia he endured while viewing the Verzuz and emphasized how pivotal both emcee's are to the evolution of Hip Hop (32:00). The crew then discuss the viral clip of a young man who attempted to steal another mans car at a gas station which lead to a discussion regarding this current generation not fearing consequences (1:04:45). Howard University students protest due to alleged poor living conditions (1:45:30), the crew remembers Colin Powell (2:05:30), an update on the Ben Simmons saga (2:09:30) and MORE!

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | Tone Stith - “Do I Ever” (Ft. Chris Brown)

Ice | Stack Bundes - “Look N**** U Food”

Parks | Roc Marciano & Nicholas Craven - “1000 Mile Stare”

Ish | Rotimi - “What To Do”

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