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Josh will interview amazing people from all walks of life. No topic is off limits. As a custom knife maker Josh will use his connections and expertise to talk to some of the best knife makers and collectors in the world. In addition to the knife world Josh will be seeking out motivational, inspirational, and accomplished people from all walks of life. Our world is filled with people who have accomplished amazing feats. Current and former military members, business professionals, athletes, and artists. The more cool stories the better. Located in Montana, Josh owns Montana Knife Company and Josh Smith Knives. Josh is a Master Bladesmith having been in the art form since he was a child. He's a dad of 4 kids and has a beautiful wife. Josh enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. Much like in archery perfection will not be reached here. Hopefully together we can become inspired, learn, laugh, and come together through our various talents to create unlikely bonds. Forge your own path and embrace the grind!

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