Professional Athlete Recovers From Ulcerative Colitis

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In this interview, we discuss Travis’s long, difficult journey with his crippling digestive distress that prevented him from being able to participate in his life and thrive. He went from being a strong, vibrant, competitive, college athlete to having severe gastrointestinal distress and running to the bathroom multiple times every hour. He was in pain and determined to find answers. His research led him to many “solutions” until he finally discovered the answer for him that worked immediately like a magic “pill”. He is now making up for all the time he was sick. He is dedicated to healing his gut and building his physique while helping others do the same. Travis is a personal trainer and working towards his next bodybuilding competition. Travis Moore was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He spent the first 20 years of his life there prior to moving to the south. He currently resides in Dallas, Georgia, just west of Atlanta. He is a former college baseball player turned personal trainer. Travis was an overall healthy individual until around 2016. He began to experience gastrointestinal distress and he wasn’t sure what was causing it. The constant trips to the restroom were causing him to miss practice and even class. Finally, he went to speak with a gastroenterologist who diagnosed him with ulcerative colitis. The doctor suggested they’d become best friends and that didn’t sit well with Travis. This ultimately led to a health journey that would take Travis down many rabbit holes. He was determined to beat this disease without prescription drugs. He tried different diets, breathing exercises, supplements, and even ice baths. Nothing would seem to take the symptoms away until he came across The Carnivore Diet. He’s now living a healthy life and working hard towards his next bodybuilding show. Here’s how you can find Travis and connect with him and his work.

Instagram: therealmethodfitness

Facebook: travismoorefitness


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