Breast Augmentation: The Most Interesting Interview of All Time

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Lori Saltz draws on 30 years of experience and thousands of breast augmentation surgeries to reveal the time-tested methods behind her patients’ beautiful, natural results.

Dr. Saltz walks us through the breast augmentation patient journey in colorful detail, showing her authentic and approachable self and answering the most common patient questions with complete transparency, including:

  • How do you pick the right size breast implants?
  • Which breast implant brand do you prefer, Sientra or Natrelle?
  • What’s the best incision and why?
  • Where should I look for breast augmentation photos?
  • When can I go back to the gym or pick up my kids?
  • What can go wrong after surgery?

Read more about Dr. Lori Saltz and see her breast augmentation before and after photo gallery.

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Special Guest: Lori Saltz, MD.

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