Meet the Team: Kara Pennington, PA-C, MMS

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Kara Pennington, PA-C, MMS sees her patients as friends and loves to educate people about their options for non-surgical rejuvenation in the medical spa at LJC.

Hear why lip injections are her favorite treatment, which fillers she prefers to use, and how she selects the product that is best for each patient. Find out the truth about Instagram trends like the Russian lip technique and the Lip Flip.

Learn about PDO Threads and why Kara loves them for facial volume loss and gradually improving, natural looking results to reverse aging and lessen the need for frequent filler treatment.


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La Jolla Cosmetic is located just off the I-5 San Diego Freeway at 9850 Genesee Ave, Suite 130 in the Ximed building on the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus. To learn more, go to or follow the team on Instagram at @ljcsc

The La Jolla Cosmetic Podcast is a production of The Axis.

Special Guest: Kara Pennington, PA-C, MMS.

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