How To Maintain The Feeling Of Fulfillment In Your Business

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Does your business light you up and inspire you? Does it still bring you fulfillment? Or have you lost that spark or natural energy around running your business? This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs when they keep chasing after big goals. As you move forward in your entrepreneurship journey, defining what’s “enough” can help you achieve the fulfillment and happiness you seek.

In this episode, I am talking all about finding fulfillment in your business and what to do if/when you lose that spark. I’m deep-diving into why you need to get out of this mindset of reaching particular endpoints or benchmarks, why complacency isn’t enough, and why you need to embark on the journey to actually enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship!

In this episode, we cover…

  • The key to calling in massive wealth while still feeling fulfilled
  • Redefining what’s “enough”
  • How to practice gratitude in the moment
  • The one shift every entrepreneur needs to make to maintain the spark
  • Why you need to stop giving away your power

“You control the spark. You define “enough.” Your thoughts and your perceptions are quite literally what determines your perception of feeling fulfilled in any given moment.” - Amanda Kolbye

“Adjust your mindset that there is no Pinnacle. This is the rest of your life. And it is an ever-evolving forward motion. It's not a medal to win or a finish line to cross. That really is the secret to this next level wealth and fulfillment within your business.” - Amanda Kolbye

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