How To Pause, Reset, & Move Forward In Your Business

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Do you struggle with a never-ending to-do list? Are you so busy trying to do #allthethings that you feel like you can’t catch a break or a breath? You are definitely not alone. Almost every entrepreneur I meet has gotten stuck spinning on the hamster wheel of being busy as they try to build and scale their business. Whether you are at the beginning stages of building your biz, or in the process of hiring out, you don’t have to spin that wheel forever!

In this episode, I am diving into why entrepreneurs get stuck spinning in their hamster wheel and how they can slow things down enough to get off of it and find a long-term strategy that works. I’ll be dissecting what is actually holding you back from moving forward, how to realign your priorities, and most importantly --how to pause, reflect and take a step back in your business so you can find clarity.

In this episode, we cover…

  • Getting clear on your vision
  • Why finding alignment with your priorities is key
  • One step you have to take before you can move forward in your business
  • The three biggest things that you need to do to get off any hamster wheel
  • How to refocus on priorities, people, and processes


” It really is a lifelong journey, or for however long you're gonna be running your business. So really look at what you are trying to accomplish? Because sometimes our vision is a little bit unclear. And this can be a reason why you stay stuck and stay so busy. Because you don't really know where you're headed.” - Amanda Kolbye

“You cannot continue moving forward if you don't pause or slow down to figure out a game plan to realign priorities.” - Amanda Kolbye

“We all are so ambitious. We all want to do all of the things. So we try and squeeze it all in, but then we get lost in the to-do’s, and we often lose sight of our end goal.” - Amanda Kolbye

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