How To Start A Business: Insight From 3 Laptop Lifestyle Boot Camp Alumni

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When you’re at the beginning stages of your business, you probably want the perspective of someone who is one step ahead of you instead of ten, right? Don’t get me wrong - looking ahead and establishing those big dreams and goals is extremely useful. But sometimes, getting insight into the strategies and action steps that you can take today will help you lay the foundations and set your business up for success for the long run.

What better way to learn the next steps to take than by talking to three amazing entrepreneurs who have recently launched and are currently rocking their businesses and reaching those goals?

In this episode, I talk to three of my Laptop Lifestyle Boot Camp Alumni, Laura Haynes, Valerie Merut, and Sarah Holmes. They share their unique perspectives on how they started their businesses and give insight into how they overcame self-limiting beliefs, adjusted their mindsets for growth, and utilized their community to rock their business. They’re also telling us the number one thing that helped them lay foundations for the successful growth of their business.

In this episode, we cover…

  • Why confidence plays a big role in starting your business
  • Mastering your mindset and pushing through hardships
  • How fears and limiting beliefs hold you back
  • Why having a strong, supportive community is crucial for success
  • How they landed their first client (and the next)

“There's no Pinnacle that you reach to be permanently confident. There's no Pinnacle of reaching a completely mastered mindset or having no more fears. At every level, everyone goes through those ups and downs. So it's more about learning to handle it.” - Amanda Kolbye

Connect with Laura, Valerie, and Sarah:

Instagram: @valeriemerut @bylaurahaynes @mistdesignco

Laura’s Website:

Sarah’s Website:

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