How to Structure Your Packages For More Freedom & More Profit

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Most entrepreneurs start their business with the intent of gaining more freedom. Freedom to travel, freedom to sleep in, freedom to spend more time with their family. Yet, most of us end up working 24/7 on client work with zero time for our own businesses, much less our own life!

Well, what if there was a different way to structure your packages and offers to provide more freedom for you as a service provider and also deliver epic results and a VIP experience for your clients? Um, yes, please!

In this episode, I am talking to Krystle Church, a world traveler, email marketing expert, and business coach who has restructured her packages to make them work for her. Krystle gives us the inside scoop on VIP day rates - the hottest thing circulating the service-based industry. She’s here to explain what day rates look like, how to implement them into your packaging (even if you’re a beginner), and why you don’t need permission to switch up your offerings to make your business work for you.

In this episode, we cover…

  • What day rates look like and how they work for Krystle
  • The pros and cons of day rates
  • Why being smart, managing your time, and batching helps with day rates
  • Tips for balancing out your calendar with VIP days & retainers
  • How to maintain that white-glove experience for your clients


”It can seem like you're creating day rates out of maybe a one-sided perspective that it works well for you, and it's optimum for you. But I will tell you from experience, my clients love day rates. They love being able to hear that they can get their copy done in a day and really just get dedicated project time with you.” - Krystle Church

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