Organize, Strategize, and Systemize Your Content Creation

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Having a presence on multiple platforms doesn’t mean you need to double or triple your content creation load. It’s not actually about creating more; it’s about being smart and putting systems in place that help you create a sustainable content creation process that works for your business marketing plan!

In this episode, I am diving into content creation, organization, and repurposing, and how you can make your life easier using proven systems and processes that eliminate content overwhelm! Today, we’ll be taking a high-level view of the four stages of content creation, creating content that compounds on each other, why organization is key, and how to map out a content system that works for you and your team.

In this episode, we cover…

  • The four stages of content creation
  • Making sure your content fits into your marketing plan
  • Multiplying the impact of your content
  • How to create an effective system for repurposing content
  • Action steps to get you started


”It's one thing to just create a bunch of ideas for content, throw it on the calendar, then repurpose each piece and mix it all up and throw it on the calendar again. That'll be good for

visibility and showing up in all the places. But our goal is to convert to a sale.” - Amanda Kolbye

Make sure you also look at your business in stages. Set up the organization and storage piece ASAP, no matter what. But don't bite off more than you can chew. Be impactful, effective, and make sure you go deep within your content and your established brand presence before going wide.” - Amanda Kolbye

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