The Secret To Success: Execution and Feedback

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The secret to success is more than just taking “messy action,” or as I like to call it, intentional action. Yes, taking action is incredibly important, but it’s what you do with the information you gain from taking that action that will help you grow your business to success.

In this episode, I am unpacking the true secret to success and what you need to do to scale your business to reach that six-figure mark - no matter what stage you’re currently at in your business. We’re going to look at why you need to move beyond the learning stage, how to pinpoint the right problem to solve, why we need to collect feedback, and how to refine this feedback for your business to make the most impact and get real results.

In this episode, we cover…

  • Why taking action is only the first step to success
  • What to do with the information you learned from taking intentional action
  • Getting feedback on and refining what works best for your business
  • The difference between motion and action
  • Four impacts that taking action will give you

”The key to scaling to six figures is you've got to step out of the learning phase; there’s always more to learn, there's always more that we want to do. But what you're actually going to need to scale to six figures is not 'learning' anymore. It's persistence and consistency of taking action, getting feedback, refining it and keep moving forward.” - Amanda Kolbye

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