Breaking Feast And Famine In Your Recruitment Bank Account

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Breaking Feast And Famine In Your Recruitment Bank Account Feast And Famine is a term that one of my members used about 4 years ago, he joined us doing around 250K-300K in a previous decade or so. This is something I see in the Recruitment / Search business over and over again, you can probably relate to it. It comes with 2 key drivers: 1. Feast And Famine Mindset which is we’re doing the same thing in Recruitment. 2. You need clients and candidates leads, convert both and Deliver the candidates. Watch the full video here: The Laptop Recruiter™ Facebook Group Feast And Famine, first of all, is whereby we have good months and bad months, and we are just not breaking that pattern. With Feast And Famine what we find is: 1. You go to a feast phase which is you are getting paid. Now, every course is affected. 2. And then the Famine situation, as entrepreneurs we might have consistency in our business. But what we got is a Feast and Famine. As an entrepreneur, you need to ask yourself if your model is working or not. If it’s working, fabulous, you do more with what’s working. If it doesn’t deliver the outcome you want, then your model is not working. As Recruitment / Search entrepreneurs, as we get older we learn that we want to have more predictability. When you have more predictability you will have a better result and that predictability comes about by having more control. However, it’s your business and you need to decide if you’re going to change it or stay on it as a plateau in 10 years, it might have been going down as of now. It’s up to you as an entrepreneur. Comment below your question or feel free to directly send them to me as a message! Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter™

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