It Is Fixable (Recruitment Entrepreneurship)

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It Is Fixable (Recruitment Entrepreneurship) Where you are now? And where you want to be in 1 year? You may be in a good place right now because you made that work and you did it well. Just be aware if you are on a plateau, Watch the Breaking Feast And Famine In Your Recruitment Bank Account video I made last week on how you can identify if you are in a plateau mode. watch it here: But in this video, I’ll be sharing a personal experience of how I lose myself in the process, and how I rebuild myself to regain my resilience as an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs if not all entrepreneurs face being lost in a process, and feel like being in a dark place. I get you, always know that “IT IS FIXABLE”. And I’ll be explaining how you can fix it, what the process you need to do to fight it and win it. Click Here to Join The Laptop recruiter™ community watch the full video. Andy Whitehead - The Laptop Recruiter

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