Podcast 115 - How To Get Your No 1 Priority Now, Clients or Candidates

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You need Clients and Candidates. What's your Starting point? This Podcast / Videocast is about my call coaching with this gentleman about his pretty tough times during COVID-19. The question you might ask is "What do I need right now?". What we did was to understand what he has been through and know what are the drivers, the inputs and what can we replicate again. Need help with your Recruitment / Search Business? Book a Fast Track Call with us now: https://calendly.com/recruitmentmarketinginternational/fast-track-call?month=2021-01 Let us have a 15 Minute Diagnostic of Your Business. I will be hosting a webinar on how you can scale your business this 2021 Here’s the link to register: https://rmi-acceleratebuildscale.com/Webinar2 Cheers, Andy recruitmentmarketinginternational.com

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