Podcast 117- Getting Out Of The Recruitment Lockdown Inertia Part 2 - 5 KPIs

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Timestamps: [00:00:40] Thinking about this Inertia [00:02:30] Call with a member [00:03:20] The Key Performance Indicator [00:06:00] Focus on the number you what to achieve [00:08:00] Get into that momentum Podcast 117- Getting Out Of The Recruitment Lockdown Inertia Part 2 - 5 KPIs At this time now there will be a lot of millionaire recruitment search business owners created. Get out of your box in this lockdown. What do you need to achieve? What's the number one metric you should have working on every day? If you don't know your metric, you don't know what will be your action is. Focus on the key performance indicator. It is the actions that drive the indicator, you do the actions to get the outcome. It is purely about getting focus and getting out of Inertia. If we put that 5 actions, we will get the numbers. When you know what exactly the actions you should be taking and exactly what numbers you will be hitting. Then If you have a problem, it will be where those numbers are not being hit. So you got the Input, process, output, and links together. Focus on 5 Actions, 5 KPIs. Get into momentum. When you take an action you will get a result and when you get a result you'll get your potential, and you'll believe in yourself. You will have a bigger result and it gets in a cycle. Need help with your Recruitment / Search Business? Book a Fast Track Call with us now: https://calendly.com/recruitmentmarketinginternational/fast-track-call?month=2021-01 Let us have a 15 Minute Diagnostic of Your Business. I will be hosting a webinar on how you can scale your business this 2021 Here’s the link to register: http://rmi-acceleratebuildscale.com/itunes Cheers, Andy recruitmentmarketinginternational.com

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