Podcast 121 - Running a Recruitment / Search Business Right Now - The Reality

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Timestamp: [00:00:15] How Tough it is right now [00:02:50] How do we deal with that? [00:04:10] What I see in people I talked to? [00:15:20] Be persistent Podcast 121 - Running a Recruitment / Search Business Right Now - The Reality I bet you're frustrated how tough it is in our industry right now. You're full of what if's. Right now our industry is being hit by a massive way. Unfortunately, we are human beings, that's why it is very tough. What I see with every people I talked, it was about our minds creating overwhelmed. Right now there are people on their knees crying, And I feel you, I been there, I have my struggle. You hang in there, when things get rough, you let it wash through you and then you come to another side. There are two ways to deal with this. First, you let it wash through you every day, Give yourself time to grieve. Second, you fake it till you make it. Make the best version of yourself. Make a plan 15 mins a day. It makes you operate as a human being. It will make our head more clearer and when It is clearer we can make rational decisions. We control in a pro-active manner. Always think of Input - Process -Output. You only got a discrete set of time to do a discrete set of activities, make sure that you are doing the priority activities. If you don't give up, you are gonna survive, you're still in the game and then you can grow. What you put in your head, comes out as an action. Get yourself reprogram, be persistent. As weak as you can feel, There's more in there. Because a hundred percent of your bad day, you got through it. You're still here, There's a reason for that. Understand more about what Recruitment Marketing International do: https://rmi.recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/meet Book a Fast Track Call with us now: https://calendly.com/recruitmentmarketinginternational/fast-track-call?month=2021-01 I will be hosting a webinar on how you can scale your business this 2021. Here is the link to register: https://rmi-acceleratebuildscale.com/itunes Cheers, Andy recruitmentmarketinginternational.com

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