Podcast 127 - Getting Retained Roles In The LockDown World

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Timestamps: [00:01:05] How do I get Retained? [00:01:55] What does the decision-maker want? [00:04:53] Two drivers to get retained business [00:11:10] Laura, Inner Circle Member experience [00:16:30] Retained business is a good place to be Podcast 127 - Getting Retained Roles In The LockDown World The question we got all over the years consistently "How do I get Retained?" What's the value that your client wants? You need to exchange value with the decision-maker. They want the Right talent (top 1%), Speed the role call in the market, and cost to the process. How do we get this retained business? It comes down to two drivers; Deal Flow and authority. If you're not in a retained world yet and you're looking to get retained, it will start with the relationship and proof of consent. Finally, If you're fully retained, ask yourself how to 10x the amount of the business we got? If you are not fully retained. ask a question, what do you need to demonstrate to the client that can deliver what they want. And what do they want? To be in a retained business is a really good place to be not only now, but what I'm seeing in consistently recruiting entrepreneurs is the unknown, so we need to deal with the cards we've been dealt. It is not about you, it is about them. If you get that, you'll get the retained business. PS Know more about me and Recruitment Marketing International here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/meet Talk to us here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/fast-track-call PPS I will be hosting a webinar on how you can scale your business this 2021. Here is the link to register: https://rmi-acceleratebuildscale.com/itunes

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