Podcast 128 - Get Your LinkedIn Client Campaigns Working

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Podcast 128 - Get Your LinkedIn Client Campaigns Working Break it down into simple terms, You get a role, you get a candidate and you get paid. To get clients, what needs to happen? Get your prospect in the LinkedIn network. Work on the campaign, Linkedin Campaign simply means sending three messages. Invite, engagement message and sales message then book into a diary. If this process is done properly, it can add 20+ appointments into your diary. When you run a campaign, your client will do 2 things, check out your website and LinkedIn profile. Make a weekly goal to set actions that work. You can either, increase the volume of leads getting in, or increase the conversion of leads that were getting in. If you have been doing the same thing week after week and the number is still not converting, then you should take it back and ask "why is this campaign not working?". Set a target, use the metrics as you get back to decide if it is working. Then you will decide what you'll gonna change. There's always the three M's. The message, which are the invite message, engagement message, and sales message to get into the diary. The mechanism, the LinkedIn platform, or automation that you are using. Market, who you target that message to. The combination of these three will dictate your outcome. What usually happens is you focus on one thing, and not bringing the three together. Even if you get the best automation but if it doesn't fit the actual market you're sending it to, it is not gonna work. You always need the three. Timestamps: [00:00:35] How to get Role and Candidate? [00:01:37] How to get Clients Campaign Working? [00:08:34] The Three M's Andy PS I am holding a weekly 30 minutes "Recruitment Search Business Owners Power Systems And Hacks" broadcast. Tell me what you need here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/power-hacks-survey I am looking for 15 people I can help layout a 90-day Recruitment Search Business Plan. If you’re interested, just schedule a call here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/fast-track-call PPS I will be hosting a broadcast that will tackle The 9 Lockdown Recruitment Search Success Drivers every owner needs to follow. Here is the link to register: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/the-lockdown-recruiter

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