Podcast 129 - Part 2 of 3 - How To Get Client 121's & Know If They Are Hiring Before

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You can use Automate one to many functions In your niche, there are 10,000 decision-makers and there are 10,000 turner accusation leaders in your market. Then in the target of 20,000, you can even use paper click, you could use social media advertising for this, LinkedIn, and events of all sorts. If you can run that, at the end of the function you have templated, so you know the time to run it. You gonna get for example for the invite 70% open rate you get a 20% click thru rate you get 50% registration rate on the landing page which means very quickly you can predict you can habe 100 responses each time you ran it let's say half of those got details and we re-budget and know where to focus your time. [00:00:16] Automated use one to many function [00:01:37] Having a templated function Andy PS I am holding a weekly 30 minutes "Recruitment Search Business Owners Power Systems And Hacks" broadcast. Tell me what you need here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/power-hacks-survey Talk to us here: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/fast-track-call PPS I will be hosting a broadcast that will tackle the 9 Lockdown Recruitment Search Success Drivers every owner needs to follow. Here is the link to register: https://recruitmentmarketinginternational.com/the-lockdown-recruiter

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